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Here at Activities in Ayrshire we offer businesses of all sizes a wide variety of advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes. We offer prime advertising areas on out standard website pages, the activities search results page and on specific activity pages allowing you to present visitors of this website with topical ads which relate directly to the activities they enjoy during their spare time.

Pricing Guide

Our advertising packages can be tailored to match any business requirement so please contact us for a quote that will be tailored to your needs. We have however produced a pricing guide below to give you an example of the great oppertunities we offer to promote your business and its services and products.

Advertisment Area Monthly Cost
Right hand side of specific activity page £30.00
Right hand side of standard page £10.00
Right hand side of activity results page £40.00

We also offer the ability to enhance the free activities you list on this website with extended content, images and company logos to make your activity stand out from the standard listings. Featured activities are displayed at the bottom of the home page and at the top of  related search results pages.

Extended Content Options Monthly Costs
Enhanced content for sigle activity £2.50
Enhanced content for all company activities £10.00
Single Featured Activity £20.00

We do offer discounts for bulk advertisment arrangements and if adverts are taken out for longer periods of time. Once an advert is placed on the website it will be displayed within the agreed location for 30 days, after which it will be automatically removed. If you wish to continue an existing advert please provide as much notice as possible to avoid loosing your preffered location for your advent.

If you have any questions please contact us by sending an email to